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Download My Visual Database 6 – Simple and Effective Tools for Building The Application’s Database No Programming Knowledge Requiredge

My Visual Database:

My Visual Database IS A Simple and Effective Tool for Building the Database of the Simple Application. It is not always necessary to have programming Knowledge to Create New Applications, Especially Ifram Is Not Complicated. For Example, Suppose You have A Store and You Want to Create An Application To Record Customer Information Or to Store items. Well, hera is a Very Simple Script. With this software you CAN CREATE A SIMILAR Program and Other Similar Programs Without Any Programming KnowledLadge.

01 – an example of the simplest database using My Visual Database

My Visual Database – Building the Database

The Functionalty of the My Visual Database Application Is Very Simple. YOU CAN CREATE THE FORM Information Needed to Enter the Information by Plating the Label, Button, Information Box, Calendar, ETC. And you can use What is to specify What Will Happen. For Example, What Happens Wen The User Clicks The Button. YES ORO No Enter ARCH PHRASE WHEN SEARCH RESULTS, Will Be Displayed. All this is ProvideD in this Application and You Get the Final Program by Following the Various Steps.

The Windows Application Is Distributed Completly Independently and Does Not Require the Installation and Support of Components and Software, and Does Notes to Be ITALLELED. YOU CAN EASILY COPY THIS EXE FILS To A Flash Drive and Run it in ANY Location. This is an ideal choice for Developers, Beginners, Or Those Whorking Professionally and Want to Create air Basic AS Quickly as Possible. With this tool, you cane -crit the App, Such AS Contacts, Customer Information, Product Information, Student Information, Agent Information, Travel Records, Expenses, And More.

The Main Features of My Visual Database

  • The Environment Graphics are Beautiful and Clean, Easy to Manipulate

  • Visual Form Design Requires Programs
  • A Simple Definition of Events and the Relationship Between The Form and Program Elements
  • Run The Program Quickly and Easily While Building
  • No Need to Install External Programs that Do Do -noto Onte Software Side

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