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Download Muso 2 – The Information Store Focuse on Your Music Collection and a Visual Gui for the Album ‘S Album.

Where to download and how to install mos 1.7

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Muso IS A Centralized Repository for Your Music Collection and An Intuitive Gui that Allows You to Browse Albums, Tag Them, Filter Them, and Arrange Them in a Variety of Flexible Ways. Muso Provides an Alternate User Interface to Your Music Player and Allows You to Experience More Meaningful Intration with Your Music Collection.

With An Improved Card Tag Function, IT Allows You to ATTACH Album Tags (And All Music, If Necessary) in the Mood, Script, ETC. (All of Which Can Be Fully Configured) Which You Can the Apply Bending as a Filter. After that, you can line up music that matches your mood or muso to choose random music for you.

Features of Muso

  • Muso Provides a Comprehece View of the Database.
  • Displays Artist Name, Album, Composer, Year, Time and, of Course, Quality Grad.
  • YOU CAN ALSO EDIT MUSIC Information in Detail and Even Write Dynamic Tabs.
  • Muso Focuses on Creating a Music Library Based on Albums Institute of Individual Tracks
  • Application Automatically Saves Information ABOUT ALBUMS, ARTIS, and Other Tags Available on the Internet.

System Requirements:

  • The Operating System Has Been Supported: Windows 7/8/10
  • Empty Disk Volume: 100 Mb OR MORE.

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