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Download Mstech Image Resize Basic – Handy and Efficent Software that Helps You The Size, Compress, Rotate, Rename and Converte Images

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Mstech Image Resize Basic:

Mstech Image Resize Basic The Software is a Handy and Efficent Helper that Helps You Change the Size, Compress, Rotate, Rename and Convert Images in Both Single and Batch Modes. MSTECH IMAGE Resize BASIC ALLESCE TO REDUCE THE ENERGY USED by The Image by Changing Its Size Or Compressing Its.

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Mstech Image Resize Basic – Reduces The Amount of Optimal Images

When You Start the Application, You Will Notice that are Two Modules to Change the Size Separatly: A Custom File and An Image Module. IF YOU HAVE Selected a Module and Want to Access Other Modules, You Easily Switch Between Them Clicking The Upper Left Corner of A Task’s Main Window Window Window Window Window Window Window Window Window Window.

Mstech Image Resize Basic Integration with The Windows Context Menu (Right-Click Menu) and Provides Quick Access to Supported Files and Folders to Them Directly in the Software. Select Any Folder and Havy Quick Access to All Images and Preview Them, Including Subfolders, Choose The Photos You Want and Quickly Resize Using Size Euditing Mode.

Features of Mstech Image Resize Basic

  • Support for the Most Popular Image Format
  • Quickly Search The Folder and Subfolders
  • Change Image Size By Entering a Percentage
  • Change Batch Size
  • Rotate and Flip
  • Convert to Grayscale
  • Automatic name.

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