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Download Mountain Duck 4 – Software Allows You To Connect Servers and Cloud Storage as Discks on Youcpater Desktop

Mountain Duck:

Mountain Duck Allows You to Mount Server and Cloud Storage Like the Disk on the Computer at the Desktop. Open The File Remotly with Any Application and Act as on a Local Disk with the Need to Synchronize the File. & OpenStack Swift. Transfer Files Via Finder to Remote Server, Quickly. .

Mountain Duck – Connected Servers and Cloud Storage

Howe Mount Your Server As a Local HDD

This Application is Very Easy to Use and Runs in the Menu Bar, Allows You to Quickly Connect and Disconnect from the Storagege Service. .

Mountain Duck features

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Implementation is extensavely Tested to have the ability to interact with The Support for FTP CONNECTOR OVER SSL / TLS IS Prooteched.
  • With Support for Encryption Strength, Public Key and Two-Factor Authentication. Read Settings from the Current Openssh Configuration.
  • With the Ability to Interact by Owncloud, Box.Com, SharePoint and Bigc Commerce and Many Other Webdav Servers. Mutual (Two-Way) TLS Authentication with a Client Certificate.
  • Connect with Rackspace Cloudfiles or Any Other Cloud Storage Provider OpenStack Swift.
  • Connects to Any Region, Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage Supports Uploading Large Files.
  • Connect to Any Region, Amazon S3 Storage or Google Cloud Storage Has Support for Uploading Large Files.
  • Visit the Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage on the Computer at Your Desk.
  • Mount Cloud Storage, Cheaply on Your Computer at Your Desk.
  • Access to Google Drive Without Synchronizing Documents on your Computer’s Local Drive. With the url reference File on the Volume is Attached to Open The Document in Google Docs in the Web Browser.

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