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Download Mipko Employee – Terminal Monitor 8 – Software Helps You Capture the Actions and Monitor The Activities of YouR Employees in Real Time

Download Mipko Employee - Terminal Monitor employee

MIPKO EMPLOYEE – Terminal Monitor:

. IMPROVE EMPLOYEE Performance by Providing Immediate Feedback and Prevent Privacy Violation by Checking The Log Files Recorded by Employees. Be alerted Instantly When You Open Certain Files, Programs or Websites, Or Simply Enter a Certain Key Phrase. Refog Employe Monitor Records Keyboard Shortcuts, Open and Closed Logs of Programs and Web Pages, and Periodically Creates Screenshots to Complete Picture of All Alell PCS.

The Features of the Program

  • IMPROVE Employee Productivity
  • Real-Time Remote Monitoring
  • Saving Screen Shots and Keystrokes
  • Keystroke Loging
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Web History Loging
  • Screen History
  • Invisible Mode and Password Protection
  • Application Monitoring and File Tracking
  • Complete Installation and Report
  • Instant Message Monitoring.

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