Download MindGems Easy Screen Capture And Annotation 3.0

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Download Mindgems Easy Screen Capture and Annotation 3 – Software Captures and Annotates Any Part of the Screen, Speeding Up the Capture and Editing Process

Mindgems Easy Screen Capture and Annotation:

Mindgems Easy Screen Capture and Annotation Allows You to Capture and Annotate Any Part of the Screen. The Main Goal of the Product Is to Speed Up The Capture and Retouching Processes, Saving Valuable Time by Automating Repetive Tasks. Choosing an Area Directly on the Screen or Menu, Window Or Control at the Time of Capture Is Just One of Features that Will Speed Up YourFlow.

Download MindGems Easy Screen Capture And Annotation 3.0 capture

Assignable Keyboard Shortcuts Allow You to Instantly Capture Screenshots Anywhere in your workflow. The Rich and Intuitive Interface Offers The Features Common to the Best Image Processing Products. Thhees Include Cropping, Resizing, Painting, Drawing Shapes, Coloring, Various Visual Effects, Transparency, Shadows and More.

Download MindGems Easy Screen Capture And Annotation 3.0 capture

Screen Capture Using Jing (Technsmith)

The Power of Image Processing Software and Screen Capture Utility in Lightweight Product. Will Help You Create Brilliant Photos with Minimal Effort and Save Them in All Popular Photo Formats. The Product Is Easy for Novice Users and PowerFul Enouch for Advanced Users.

Key features:

  • Lets You Select a Rectangular Part of the Screen with the Mouse
  • Lets You Capture a Certain Part of an Application: Buttons, Toolbar, Taskbar, etc.
  • Capture the Entire Area of A Sliding Window with Automatic Scrolling
  • Capture Any Color on the Screen, Set as the Background Color and Copy Its Value to the Clipboard
  • Add Text Captions with Different Styles – Bubbles, Rectangles, ETC.
  • Add Arrows to Indicate Certain Parts of the Capture or Bidirectional Arrows to Indicate the Relationship Between Different Eleements.
  • Bookmarks – An Easy Way to Place Marker Areas on Captured Images. Similar to Using a Highlighter.
  • Various Shapes – Ellipse, Rectangle, Hands -Free Polygon, etc.
  • Rotates and Scales The CaptureD Image.
  • Combine Multiple Images Into a Single Image.
  • INSERT AXTERNAL IMAGE (Logo, Previously Captured Image, Picture, ETC.).) In the Current Capture Project.
  • Supports a Variety of Image File Formats
  • Uploading/Saving a Capture Project Allows You to Edit Or Expand a Previous Captured Project.
  • Free Image Hosting and Uploading.

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