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Download Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit 2 – a Useful Trubleshooting Application for Your Surface Device and Can Identify and Fix Most Incents

Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit:

Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit IS a mobile device that allows it to be stud on a usb stick to be quickly deploed Anywhere or Directly on the Network. The Scope of the Inspection is Comprehensive and Will Include Many Aspects of the Hardware that Get to the Root and Display Hidden Pr createn. The Tests Require User Intection, So Need to Pay Attendation Becocess Runs Runs The Diagnostics, You Will Have to the Test, Respectively.

The best applications for Surface Dial and Windows 10

The best applications for Surface Dial and Windows 10


Features of Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit

  • Operating System Updates Window
  • Check the Battle
  • Control Discrete Graphics (DGPU)
  • Device Information
  • Check Coverage Type
  • Check the Integrated Keyboard
  • Check The Wire Body
  • Dead Pixels and Display of Test Artifacts
  • Check The Number of Goods
  • Home Button Control
  • Check The Volume Rocker
  • Check The Micro SD Card
  • Checking the Microphone
  • Watch The Video
  • Check The Speaker
  • Check The Bluetooth
  • Inspection Camera
  • Check The Network
  • Check The Power Supply
  • Check Mobile Broadband
  • Checking the Accelerometer
  • Check The Gyroscope
  • Checking the Compass
  • Light Control Around
  • Check Device Orientation.

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