Download Macrium Site Manager 8.0.7121

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Download Macrium Site Manager 8 – A Wonderful New Adition to the Reflect Line of Image -Based Backup Solutions with The Custom Canel

Macrium Site Manager:

Macrium Site Manager IS A Wonderful New Adition to the Reflect Image-Base Line Backup Solution. Now, Deploying a Large Number of Macrium Reflect End Point Backup Agents and Managing Thema A Central Location Will Be Much Easier. IT Administrators Will Be Al to Use The Customizable Dashboard To Quickly View Backup Status, As Well as Easily Identify and Resolve Problems. Macrium Site Manager does?

Download Macrium Site Manager 8.0.7121 site

Macrium Site Manager – Site Manager

New in Site Manager 8.0.6898

SITE Management Allows It Administrators to Discover and Group PCS and Servers on the Network, Determine What Wilder Backed Up, Assign, Schevedule, and Maintain Policages AR. Comprehensive Event Alert Management and Loging Security is Included and Can Be Accessed Through The Browser-Bassed User Interface. Architecture that leverages Offten-Usoft Windows Technology and Requires No Specialized Skills for Installation and Configuration.

As Part of the Oonging Program, We have imprived the user Interface of the Management Page, Multisite Partners and Port? -? This is most evident in the New Dashboard, But Menus and Many Other Components have Also Been Updated.

From Browse Interface IS In Repository View, Now Image Files Can Be Opened and Explored. All Files in the File System Can BETED in the Browser Without Leaving the Management Interface, Page. This Function is Intended to Help Customers who Only Need a Few Files from the Backup?.

Daily Summary Email Has Been Updated to Include More Information? – The Backup Task When Creating An Email, The Computer Does Not Start Is Backed Up Bacause They Are Offline, The Computer Is Not Backed Up for Days Canfiguffig, ADM . This PUTS ENOGH CONTEXT in the Daily Mail that Administrator Can Disturbing Disturbing In the Backup Configuration of them Quickly.

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