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Download Lightjams – Unique Lighting Control Software Makes to React to Live Events from Music, Midi, Video

Lightjams DMX Software 202 – Color Palette


Lightjams IS Unique Lighting Control Software that Makes It Easy to React to Live Events with Music, Midi, Video and More. PowerFul Animators with Simple Scripts for Customization. Compatible with Any Dmx Lighting Fixture and Led Controller. Sending and Receiving MIDI/OSC/DMX. Works on All Windows Computers. All ITS Amazing Features and Unique Capabilites Make Ita Bargain for All Professionals and Lighting Enthusiasts!

Download Lightjams lightjams

Lightjams DMX Software 202 – Color Palette

Features of Lightjams

  • Create Led and Matrix Walls. Multiple Video Input Modes, Including Spout and NDI.
  • With a Unique User Interface Designed from the Ground Up For Interactive Lighting, You’ll Never Get Bored.
  • Accurate, Real-Time Music Analysis.
  • Fully Compatible with RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBAW/RGBWA, CMY and White
  • Use your Daw to Control Your Lights!
  • Built-in Media Server for Playing, Mixing and Converting Videos.
  • Extraction of Primary Colors from Live Video.
  • Create a Unique Interactive Experience Using Fully Customizable Effects.

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