Overlays – Floating Launcher 8.0.5 Build 258 APK Pro version

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Download OverLays – Floating Launcher 8 apk (free) – AN ANDROID App THAT ALLEWS YOU TO DISK

Overlays Overlays – Floating Launcher APK Pro Version:

Overlay is an android application that alws you to display floating windows on top of of the apps. With overlays, you can disclamy any app or widget as a floating window, which can be used for multitasking or accessing cerections tasks While use apps. Multiples Applications Floating on Top of Any Other Application to Incasse Productivity and Enjoy True Multitasking! OverLays is a launcher that floats about your launcher. UNLIKE THE HOME LAUNCHER, IT CAN BE ACCESSE FROM ANYWhere at Any Time Leaving the Current App. It is feature-rich and Fully Customizable, So Extror it Well!

Features of Overlays apk

  • Windows Floating Floating for Any App or Widget On Top of Other Apps
  • Customizing The Size and Position of Floating Windows
  • Using Gestures to Control Floating Windows
  • View Multiple Floating Windows at Once
  • Easy Switch Bethaeen Apps by Tapping The Floating Window
  • Automatically Start Floating Windows When Starting Certain Apps
  • Set Up Profiles to Quickly Enable or Disable Floating Windows For Specific Applications
  • Available in Multiple Languages.


Floating Applications Included

  • Floating Widgets
  • Floating Shortcuts
  • Floating browser
  • Floating Application Launcher
  • Floating Volume Control
  • Floating Sidebar
  • Floating Maps
  • Floating Image Presentation (Overlay Pro)
  • Floating Media Player for Videos & Audio (overlay for)
  • Multiple Floating Counter (OverLays Pro)
  • Floating Chamber, Translate, Calculator, Dialer and Contacts, Timer, Stopwatch, Weather, Clock, Battery, Torch, Navigation Bar (Assistive Touch), Screenshot Button (Android 9.0+), Screen Filter, Clipboard (Android 9 and Later Version), Simple Text and More!

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