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How to download and install Light ALLOY Player

Light Allloy:

Light Allloy IS A Compact Media Player Designed to Help You Play Popular Media Formats. Offers a Clear Interface that Shows All Basic Media Information and Includes Basic Playback Controls. The Program Has a Built-in Codec That Allows You to Start Playing Media Content ImmediaTely After Installation.

How to download and install Light ALLOY Player

The Application Immediatly Provides The Most Important for Using the Player, But Allo’s You to Use Codecs Installed on Your Computer During the Installation Process. Supports High Quality Video Content Such AS DVD / Bluray Discs, MKV Files and MP4 Movies. Support for Subtitles is Built Into the Initial Settings and Allows You to Adjust the Timing to Synchronize Them with Video Playback.

Light Alloy Includes Numerous Customization Options that can be tilored to your needs. Supports Interface and Allows You to Change Aspects of the Interface Or OSD Menu. This Player is Designed to Enhance Your Experience by Supporting Media Playback Controls. Offers an Extensave List of Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts and Built-in Winlirc Support. In OUR Tests, The Program Requires Negligible Resources to Open and Play Various Video Files.

Download Light Alloy 4.11.2 light

Light Allloy Features

  • Intuitive Interface Highly Optimized for Speed and usability
  • Supports Almost All Media Formats: AVI, Divx, MP3
  • DVD Support
  • Video Capture
  • Capabilites
  • Optimal Video Controls: Zoom, Aspect Ratio, Brightness, Contrast and Sharpness
  • Playback Speed Control
  • Full-Screen and Windowed Playback with Custom Resolution
  • Ability to Play Interrupted (Or Partially Downloaded) Avi Files
  • Automatically Detects The Codecs You Need
  • Keyboard and Mouse Operations are Customizable
  • Support for Avisynth Filters
  • Playlists with Bookmarks
  • Multilingual Interface: English, French, German and Other Languages Included.
  • Supports Subtitles: * .Sub, *. SRT,*. SSA
  • Final Caption Controls: Position, Font, Color, Transparency, Background
  • UsEful Information ABOUT OSD (On-Screen-Display)
  • AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: Multiple Themes Available for Download from the Website.
  • Multi-Audio Supports External Sounds
  • Winamp Plugins are Generally Supported.

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