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Download JPhotagger – Management Software, Free Professional Photo and Lets You See Zoom, Beautiful Eye Quality Images


JPHOTOTAGGER IS A Free, Professional Photo Management Software that Allows You to See The Quality of the Enlarged Image in An Excellent Way. Ability to Quickly Manage and Find Photos Through Keywords and Descriptions,.. In Addition, JPHOTAGGER ALSO Speeds Up Adding Or Editing Tagh Automatic Keyboard Input Complement and Other Features.

JPHOTOTAGGER – Photo Management Software

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JPHOTOTAGRER IS Open to working with Other Applications Such As Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. JPHOTOTAGER AUTOMATILLY Reads from from the Sidecar of the New and Modified File and Updates the Database. Or, More Simply, You Can Tag Photos with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and JPhototagger, Both On Differeting Systems-JPhotagger Works on All Systems Will ISTALLELLELED.

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JPHOTOTAGER’s features

  • Folder System
  • Folders, System Files, Favorites (User-Defined and Arranged by Level of Importance)
  • Keywords: Organization, Hierarchy and "Flat" (The Tree View and the List)
  • Quick Search Input Field in the Application Window with Autocomplete
  • Thumbnails Can Be Resized (Zoom in and Zoom out)
  • Keywords and Star Ratings Can Be Covered by Thumbnails
  • Images Can Be Sorted by File Name, File Extensions, and Metadata.G. Shooting Date, Rating, Focal Length, ISO Value
  • All Data Will Be Recorded On Xmp File and Sidecar, Images Are not Affected. Compatible with Other Applications, Currently Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
  • Drag and Drop Keyword and Keyword Hierarchy
  • IF You Add The Keyword Hierarchy in the Image, All Parents Will Also Be Adeded to
  • The Sample Whose Value Is Predetermined, E.G., Copyright and PhotoGrapher’s Address
  • Copy Full Metadata from and Paste Onto Selected Images
  • DRAG and Drop Images to and from External Applications, SUCH AS A File Manager
  • Rename, Add and Delete Folder in the Interface Folder
  • Move Images Between Folders Via Clipboard Or Drag and Drop
  • Metadata-Iptc Export To Xmp Sidecar File
  • Export of Xmp Metadata Embeded in the Sidecar File
  • Find Duplicate Images
  • Scheduled Task to Automaticals Scan Folders for New, Edited or Deleted Images
  • And many oster features.

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