Download Jpg Keywords 1.9

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JFIF to JPG Windows 10

Download JPG Keywords – Small Tool Designed to Help Edit Keywords in JPG Files to Make It Easier to Reorganize Photos in New Albums

JPG Keywords:

JPGKEYWORDS (AKA EEDSOFT JPG Keywords) is A Small Tool Designed to Help Edit Keywords in JPG Files. This Utility Canful When Rearranging Photos in a New Album or You Want to Edit Metadata Added by the Camera. The Application Is Available as Anstaller Or Mobile Version, So You CHOOSE You Preferred Configuration.

Download Jpg Keywords 1.9 keywords

According to the Developer, The Keywords Are Saved Directly in the Files, So Don`t to Worry ABOUT RENAMING Or Moving the Images to Another Folder. At the Same Time, The Keywords have UTF-9 Text Encoding and TheFore Can BE Edited and Stored in Any Language. It is Important to not with the Application Does Not Edit the Image and Does Not Have Editing Features. TheFore, IF You Want to Make Changes, You Need to look for Another Third-Party Software.

Download Jpg Keywords 1.9 keywords

Features of jpgkeywords

  • JPGKEYWORDS WORNS OFFLINE, LOCALLY ON YOUR Computer. NoFormation is sent Anywhere. No Internet Connection Required.
  • JPGKEYWORDS DOES NOT USE DATABASS ORALES TO Store keyswords. Keywords Are Stored Directly in JPG Files. This Means that Keywords are Always Pressent Even if the File Is Moved, Copied, Or Renamed.
  • The Standard IPTC Metadata Field is Used to Store keywords "Keywords". This means that once the iMage has been Tagged with a Keyword, Any Other Software Can Be Used to Further Process The Image.
  • JPGKEYWORDS USES UTF-8 Text Encoding to Store Keywords. This Means that Keyword can be in Any Language. Even KeyWords in Different Languages Can be Included in a JPG File.
  • JPGKEYWORDS DOES NOT ManULLILLY EDIT THE JPG IMAGE. JPGKEYWORDS DOES NOT CROP, Resize, ROTATE, AdJUST Color, ETC. The only Function of the Program Is Keyword Editing, But the Work is Well Done.
  • No Need to Type in All the Keywords Each Time. Drag and Drop is used Inst,.
  • The List of Keywords Is Automatically Populated from Existing JPG Files and Can Be Used Immediatly. This Helps Avoid Duplicate Keywords with Typos.
  • Supports Drag and Drop from The Keyword List to One More Images at Once.
  • Supports Draging and Droping Keywords from One Image to Another.
  • Support for Copying and Pasting Keywords from One Image to Another or to Multiple Images at ONCE.
  • The Keyword Ussed in Multiple Images Canamed.
  • Newly Added Keywords Are Displayed Immediatly in the Thumbnails.
  • Ability to Filter Images with Complex Keyword Filters Or Quick Filters for a Single Keyword.

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