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Download JPEGMINI Pro 3 – Tools, Image Optimization, SUCH AS Resizing A Smaller Image File Without Affecting the Quality of the File Itself

Jpegmini Pro:

Jpegmini Pro Is the Image Optimization Tool, Such AS Resizing An Image File that sores not affect the Quality. In Other Words, Jpegmini Pro Software Will Help You Compress Photos Down To the Smallest Possible Size, While Maintaining The Original Image Quality.

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JPEGMINI Pro – Compression Tools To Reduce The Size of Images

Download JPEGmini Pro jpegmini

Features of Jpegmini Pro

  • JPEGMINI Pro SignIntly Reduces The File Size of the Photo (Up To 80%), While Maintaining the Resolution and Quality of Oour Photo.
  • JPEGMINI PRO SIMULTANEUSLY Uses All of your Computer’s CPU Cores, Processing Photos At High Speed, So You Complete Your Work Immediatly. WE HAVE ALSO AdDed Support for Photo 60 Megapixels to Meet All Shooting Needs, Including Canon 5ds and Canon 5dsr, Panoramas and Collages.
  • PEGMINI Pro now Includes a Plug-in For Adobe® Lightroom® and A Photoshop® Extension! When Exporting Photos Directly from Lightroom or Photoshop, There Will Be Jpegmini that Automatimizes the File Size as Low Asible Without Reducing the.

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