Download Keysight WaferPro Xpress 2020.1

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Download Keysight WaferPro XPress 2020 – Performatic Wafer -level Measurements of Semiconductor Devices, Run asersistors and Circuit Components

Keysight Waferpro Xpress:

Keysight Waferpro Xpress Performatic Wafer-Level Measurements of SemicondUctor Devices Such as Transistors and Circuit Components. IT Provides Turnkey Drivers and Test Processures for a Wide Variety of Instruments and Wafers. New User Interface Simplifies The Setup and Execution of Complex Wafer-Level Test Plans, While Powerful Customization is Enable The New Python Programming Environation.

Download Keysight WaferPro Xpress 2020.1 keysight

WAFERPRO Express is a Key Software Component of Wafer-Level Measurement Solutions (WMS), A Joint Program of Keysight Technologies and Cascade Microtech. Woms Products Greatly Reduce Time to First Measurement and Provide Accurate and Repeatable Device and Component Characteristics. For More Information, See Wafer -level Measurement – Cascade Microtech.

Key features:

  • Keysight and Peripheral Driver Test Algorithm
  • Reduces The Learning Curve of the Software and Speeds Up the Process of Setting Up Measures
  • Modern and Intuitive User Interface
  • Integration with Cascade Microtech Nucleus and Wipal Car
  • WAPERPRO Express is now the office Software Platform for the Advanced Low Frequency Noise Analyzer (A-Lfna). The A-Lfna is a High-PatchFormance Noise Analyzer Designed to Perform Accurate and Repeatable Low-Frequency Noise Measurements.

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