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Download Kdenlive 22 – An Open Source Video Editor Based on Many Open -Source Projects Such as FFMPEG, FRI0R, MOVIT, LADSPA, SOX, ETC


Kdenlive IS An Open Source Video Editor. The Project Was Started in 2003 Approx. Kdenlive Is Based on Qt Libraries and Kde Frameworks. Most Video Processing Is Done by the Mlt Framework, Based on Many Open-Source Projects Such as Ffmpeg, Frei0r, Movit, Ladspa, Sox, ETC.

Kdenlive – Quick Video Editing

Download KDEnlive 22.12.0 kdenlive

OUR Software is Designed to Meet Most Needs, From Basic Video Editing to Professional Work. Kdenlive lets you use and organize a variety of music and video, Each of Which Can BE Locked Or Disabled For Convenence.

25. Review Kdenlive 22.12.0 (Guides and Markers)

Based on the PowerFul FFMPEG Library, Kdenlive Can Directly Use Almost Audio and Video Format Wite to Convert orencode Clips. Dozens of Effects Are Available, From Color Correction to Audio Adjustment, In Addition to All The Standard Conversion Options.

The Basic Functions Such as:

  • Align and Distribute
  • Character and Line Spacing Adjusted
  • Included Font Selection System Supports Family
  • Design Features: Color, Shading, Outline and Gradient
  • Built-in Crawl and Roll Motors to Create the Text Effect
  • Unicode Decoder
  • Rotate and Zoom
  • More images
  • Form Support

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