Download JixiPix RipPix 1.0.7

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Download Jixipix Rippix – Software Brings Your Photos Quality, Nostalgic, and Provides Simple Photo Editing Features

Rippix – Basics

Jixipix Rippix:

Jixipix Rippix Brings Your Photos to a Nostalgic Quality and Gives You the Ability to Turn Any Object into a Detail Center by Simply Tracing the Image. Cut Out a Bird, Flower or Tree, The Size, Rotate and Move it to the Background of the Photo to Create A Beautiful Piece of Paper with Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft. . From Romantic to Whimsical, Each Work You Create Will Be a Unique and Different Highlight.

Download JixiPix RipPix 1.0.7 rippix

Jixipix Rippix – Creating Classic Warfare

Download JixiPix RipPix 1.0.7 rippix

Rippix – Basics

The Features of Jixipix Rippix

  • Effects of Classic Paintings
  • Shear Effect for Scissor Type Around the Edges of a Photo Border
  • Outline to Replace Cropped Edges Give the Bolder look
  • Drop Shadow with the Height of the Ball is Adjustable and the Strong
  • 55 Worn Structure
  • 34 Papers
  • 20 Installed Before a Touch to Pair Textures and Tones, For Wallpaper and Wallpaper does
  • Ability to Replace the Background Image First (Support) .JPG, .Tif, .png)
  • Rip Tool To Add or Delete Borders to Crop the Photo
  • The Image Shift Tool To Convert Torn Pieces and Has an Outline

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