Download Image 2 LUT Pro 1.5.0

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Download Image 2 Lut Pro – The Software Analyzes The Color of the Source Image and Applies Its Image Receiving Interface Respectively.

Image 2 Lut Pro:

Image 2 Lut Pro IS A Software that Analyzes The Color of the Source Image and Applies it to the Other Image Receiving Interface Respectively. Picture Instruments Software Company of Germany Has Introdued Image 2 LUT, A WINDOS and MacOS Compatible Software Whose New Interface Bensferred From One Anoter. For this Purpose, The Software Analyzes The Color of the Source Image that is to be copied and chambers a lookup Table.

IF YOU WANT To Customize the Appension of Image 2 LUT OR CREATE VARITIONS OF IT, YOU CAN DO SO WITH THE CONTROLS AND VAROUS OPTIONS. In Addition to General Color Strength, You can Also Adjust the Influence of Color on Skin Tones in Images. This Can Be Done by Adjusting the Intensity of Skin Tones Separatly.

In the Clear Program Interface, Images Will Be Analyzed and Any Reference Images that are Arranged on the Photo Images the Destination for the Interface. On the Right is the Control and Checkbox for Custom Internation. The Source or Reference Image for An Interface Be a Simple Drag and Drop from the Finder to the Program Interface.

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Reference Images Can Be Saved as Files on the Computer Along with The Interface Or Exported AS 3D LUTINED USTINED USE in Many Photo and Video Programs. LUT 3DL, Cube17, Cube32 and MGA Formats are AVAILABLE FOR OUTPUT. In Addition, The Interface Be Transferred Directly to Filters Unlimited.

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