Download IDPhotoStudio 2.16.4

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Download IDPHOTOSTUDIO 2 – A Small, Mobile Utility that CAN CREATE AND TEN PRINT SMALL COPies of Photos, Called Snapshots


IDPHOTOSTUDIO IS A Small Utility that Can Create and then Print the Copy Image, Called a Snapshot, USALLY Used in A Badge Or Card, With Simple Tools. . IDPHOTOSTUDIO Allows You To CONvent the Original Image to Gray or Other Modes.

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IDPHOTOSTUDIO – ID Image Processing

Features of idphotostudio

  • Supports More than 20 ID Formats & National Passport
  • Compatible with All Printers
  • The Ability to Export to Image Format (JPEG) To Print Externally
  • ISO/IEC 19794-5 Standars Guide
  • Supports Internationalization.

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