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Download Hot Copy Paste 9 – The Clipboard Manager Allows You to Safely Copy and Paste an Unlimited of Information

Table of Contents:

Hot Copy and Paste:

All Versions of Windows Can Cut, Copy and Paste Information Such as Text and Images from One Program to Another. The Windows Clipboard Stores Information, Wheter Images or Portions of Word Processor Text, In Temporary Storage, Allowing Information to Be Place To Another. However, The Problem is that Windows Clipboard Can Hold One Piece of Code At a Time.

IF YOUNED To PASS A LOT of CODE to the Windows Clipboard, You Can Copy, Convert the Program, Paste, The Go Back to the Original Program and Copy The Next Piece of Code. IS Extremely Tedious and Time Consuming. Hot Copy Paste is an Advanced Extension of the Windows Clipboard. Removing the Annoying Limitations of the Windows Clipboard, The Clipboard Manager Allows You to Safly Copy and Paste an Unlimited OF INFORMATION. The Cut and Copied Data Will Not Be Lost Even after Restarting the PC!

Advantages of Hot Copy Paste

  • Hot Copy Paste Automatically Stores Copied, Cut and Pasteed Information, Allowing You to Reuse The Fragments at Anty Time, Even after Restarting Your PC! Clipboard Utility Stores EVERYTHING YOU CAN CUT Or Copy, Including Formated Text, Web Pages, Images, Tables and Objects, Allowing You to Accesses Previously Copied Texts. Them>
  • Hot Copy Paste Helps Navigate the Clipboard, Providing Convenent Grouping, Sorting and Filtering of Snippets. Full Text Search Iso Supported.
  • YOU CAN ALSO SET Windows Hotkeys to Quickly Paste Favorite Snippets Without Opening Hot Copy Paste Clipboard Manager.
  • Hot Copy Paste Can Protect Your Scripts with Blowfish Encryption. With A PowerFul 448-bit Key, The Protection Provided by Hot Copy Paste Prevents Anyone Without Password from Accessing Saved Scripts.

Hot Copy Paste Features

  • Favorites Can Be Convenently Grouped for Quick Access.
  • Scripts Can BE Ereded in the Clipboard Manager, Making Hot Copy Paste a Perfect Notebook.
  • Drag and Drop Support: Just Drag and Drop Hot Copy Paste Snippets Into Any Program.
  • Supports All Programs that Work with The Windows Clipboard.
  • Paste Ads: Removes All Formatting and Pastes Information as Plain Text, Pastes Html Code, Or Pastes Text ASTRES OF KEYSTROKES OF THE TARGOMA DOES NOT SUPORT THE WINDOWS CLIPBOOD.
  • Save Text in Plain Text, Html Or RTF Format and Store Images in A Variety of Formats.
  • Customizable Sound: Set an Audible Notification When You Change the Clipboard Or Start the Clipboard Manager.

System Requirements:

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or Higher
  • Ram: 1 Gb of Ram
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 50 Mb OR MORE.

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