Download HostsCK 2.3.3

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Download Hostsck 2 – The Tool Allows Users to Access, Read and Edit Windows Host Files Based On Request Classification and Management

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Hostsck IS A TOLT Allows Users to Access, Read, And Edit the Windows Host File for Request Classification and Management the Website Is License and the. You Need to Open Hostsck with Administrator (Admin) Rights and Close The Windows Service Responsight for Dns Request After Installation.

Download HostsCK 2.3.3 hostsck

Benefits of Maintining the Windows Hosts File to Provide Immediate Results. You can Block Banners, Some Advertisements, Cookies and the Full Website. Controling Things Has the Ability to Increase the Speed of Your Browsing As Gives You Safer Online Experience Lessing the Adds.

Hostsck IS Designed to Make The Hosts File Easier to Read, USing Diffferent Color for Review and Locked Or Allowed Address. IS Customizable, SO You Can Configure the Color Scheme that Suits You Best. IT Also Allows You to Easily Remove All or Part of the Comments. Hostsck ALSO Allows You to Back Up or Hosts File, So Can Restore The Default Microsoft File If Needed. You can Also Lock The File Server, Remove the Other Program from Uninstallation Or Modify Its.

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