Download High-Logic FontCreator Professional Portable

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Download High-Logic FontCreator Professional Portable fontcreator

High-Logic Fontcreator Professional Portable:

High-Logic Portable Fontcreator Professional Is the World’s Most Popular Font Editor with Over 4.5 Million Downloads to Date. Its Advanced Features Make Its of Professionals and the Intelligence Interface Simple Enough for Any Skill LEVEL. Using High-Logic Fontcreator Professional Portable, You CAN CREATE YOR OWN FONT, MODIFY EXISTING FONS, CHANGE The Spacacing in the Font, and Much More. When You Create or Import a New Font, High-Logic Fontcreator Professional Portable Displayes An Overew of ALL AVAILABLEABLE FONTS, and You cana-PEPA TAITS AP. YOU CAN ALSO Insert Your Company’s Signature Image Or Logo and Creatom Font BY Handwriting Your Name.

Download High-Logic FontCreator Professional Portable fontcreator

High -Logic Fontcreator Professional Portable – Font Editing Software

Fontcreator – What is New

Fontcreator – What is New

Features of High-Logic Fontcreator Professional Portable

  • Portable Version Requires No Installation
  • All Available Features are Enabled
  • Create and Edit Truetype and OpenType Fonts
  • Creating and Editing Fonts, Woff Fonts Can Expand
  • Redesigned Fonts, Add Missing Characters
  • Plus 65.535 letters in the font
  • Import Vector Files (EPS, AI, PDF) and Bitmap Images (BMP, GIF, PNG)
  • More OpenType Layout Features
  • Create, Edit, Import, Export and Delete Whitespace
  • Add Or Edit More than Two Thousand Ligatures
  • Convert letters to fonts Individually or Full (E.G., To Create BoldFace)
  • Unicode Support
  • Supports All Encodings and Code Pages (Ansi, ASCII, Unicode, Symbol, Big5, PRC, Wansung)
  • Preview Fonts Before Installation
  • Install Fonts in Windows
  • Design High Quality Fonts

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