Download EFICAD SWOOD 2021 SP4.2 for SolidWorks 2010-2022

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Download Efaid Swood 2021 SP4 – Professional Solutions for the Furniture Industry to Improves Process and Production of Furniture

Eficad Swood:

SolidWorks Swood IS a set of production Solutions for Industrial Furniture to Improve The Design Process and Production of Furniture. Swood Has Two Modules: SolidWorks Swood Design Swood Design is A Complement to the SolidWorks Software. Enhances The Process of Designing Furniture in A 3D Environment Through The Use of Special Features that Extend and Standard Capabilites of Solidworks.

Introduction to SolidWorks Swood 2021 | Woodworking with SolidWorks and Swood

EFICAD Swood – Machining and Production of Furniture

Introduction to SolidWorks Swood 2021 | Woodworking with SolidWorks and Swood

The Prefabricated Element is Configured with The Desire to Improvy Automation and Repeatabolytes of Design-Reelated Tasks. Design Furniture in SolidWorks Swood Design Create Or Select A Complete Crate, Ten Equip it with Interior Furniture, Shelves, Dividers, and Other Elements Stores Storeters and Link To REDITERS And Link TOM. Joints, EcCentric Pivot? Or inSert Slat Canso Be Used with Drag and Drop Functionly, Create Connection Between Them and the Mounting Hole.

SolidWorks Swood Cam Software to Move from the Design Phase to Real-Time Production. With the ability to use the Full Range of Available Technologies, Users Can Pressely Program CNC Woodworking Machines. The end Result of working in SolidWorks Swood Cam Is the Creation of Anc Program and Production Documents.

With SolidWorks Swood Cam, You Quickly Identify Cutting Tools Independently, Add Them to the Library, And Use Them in Subsequent Processes. TheFore, The Basis is the Creation of the Tool Is Determined in Advance, Be Enriched in Strategy, Wooden Handle, Allows The Use of Technology "Drag and Drop" With The Library to Handle Wood.

Eficad Swood:

  • Complete Combination of Geometry and Machining of SolidWorks.
  • Additive Manoufacturing Rules Are Defined Using Configuration, Custom Properties, Mode Characteristics.
  • Automatic and Optimized Drilling with Synthetic Drilling.

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