Download HD Tune Pro 5.75

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Download HD Tune Pro 5 – Hard Drive Control Software for Each Sector, Measure Speed and Current Hard Drive Status Notifications.

HD Tune Pro:

Want to Know The Health of Your Hard Drive, Now How, But Donat Know Much About Hardware. How to do her? Soft HD Tune Pro Can Help You Check Your Hard Drive for Each SecTOR, MeASURE SPEED and Current Hard Drive Status Notifications.

How to check the hard drive for BAD blocks (bad sectors), reading errors HD Tune (Windows)

HD Tune Pro – Computer Hard Disk Test

Allows You to Check the Data Transfer Rate (Transfer Rate) With 3 LEVELS of Transfer Rate: Minimum (Minimum), Maximum (Maxium) and Average (Average). The Inspection Time (Access Time) of the Transmission Is (Burst Time) and CPU Resources Have Been Utilized

The Index Helps to look Up Hard Drive Activity Information Such as Seek Error Rate, Write Error, Spin Up Time …

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