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Hardlink Shell Extension Allows Advanced Users to Create Ntfs Hard Links Without Windows Resource Kit. Installs as a Shell Extense that Allows You to Select the Files Or Folders Used for The Hard Link and Drop them Into the Target Folder. Supports Hardlinks, Interface and Symbolic Links, Copy Symbolic Link, Mount Point, Or Smart Replication.Hardlink is A Built-in Not Accessible Feature of the Windows Operating System that Allings You to Make Multiple References to a File. To uce this software you must be family with the concert of hard links.

Hardlink ShellexTension – Create NTFS Hard Links

Hardlink ShellexTension Supports Drag and Drop, SO You Can Move Seamlessly and Create Links Quickly. Hardlink ShellexTension Seems to Be Resource for Creating The Link This Way ignore The Traditional Line Input Method in the Command Prompt. ALSO, ORDINARY FILES and Directory Links Cania Distinguished, Althrow The Red Icon Be Replaced by Custom ICONS

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