Download Hard Disk Validator 1.1.2

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Download Hard Disk Validator – A Portable Utility that Checks Your Hard Drive For Bad SecTors So You Can Find Fix Them

Hard Disk Validator:

Hard Drive Validator IS a mobile utility that allows you to check your hard drive to identify faulty components; This Tool Provides Detailed Information ABOUT FUULTY Components So CAN FIND A WAY To FIX THEM. YOUR Hard Drive Records Data in SecTOR (SecTOR) Drives; EVERY TIME YOUR HARD DRIVE UPDATES ALSO, IT ALSO Updates The Total Checklist Stored Immediately After The Secitor Data. When Anrea Is Read from the Hard Disk, The Total Inspiation of That Area Match The Data in That Area. When this is not Accurate, The Hard Disk Recognizes that Incident Ocurred During the Recording Process: The Incident Was Called a Bad Sector. There Are Many Causes Leading to a Damage SecTOR, SUCH AS Blackout During Recording Or Hard Disk Failure.

Hard Disk Validator Gives You A Way to See IS A Damaged Area, So You CanWrite IT by Removing the So-Called DamageD Ar. IF YOU ARE Recovering from A Power Failure, The Read + Wipe Damage + Read Check Will Be the Fastest Way to Erase The Fauty Ingredients. IF SOMETHING IS Wrong with The Drive, You Need to Back Up the Data and Select the Write + Verify Control. This Particular Test Will Erase All Data on the Disk. All Tests Record a Log File that Can Be Copied for Later us.

Download Hard Disk Validator 1.1.2 hard

How to find out if your hard disk Has Any Bad or Damage SecTOR in Windows Computer ?

Hard Disk Validator Hard Disk Test Features:

  • Read: It Scans The Entire Surface of the Hard Disk for Faulty Components.
  • Read + Wipe Damage + Read: Examine the Entire Hard Disk Surface to Locate The Bad SecTOR, IF the Bad Sector Will Be Overwritten and Read Again to Was Written Correctly This.
  • Read + Write + Verify + Restore: The Program Records a Sample of the Disk, Verifies The Pattern that Its Successfully Written, Restores the Original Data.
  • Write + Verify: The Program Records a Disk Check Sample and Verifies that Sample Was Successfullly Written. (Original Data Will Be Lost).

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