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Download Folder Painter – Free Software Lets You Color You Windows Explorer Folder and Change it from the Default Yellow Color.

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How to use Folder Painter? I will teach you.

How to use Folder Painter? I will teach you.

Folder Painter:

We All Want Our Computers to be Well Organized, AS Itsier to Accesses Files and Folders When You Need Them. In Addition to Housing You Files with Separate Folders for Different File Types, You Canso Customize the Folder Itself. One of the Most Significant Problems Most of Us Encounter Is that We Donat Seem To Able to Immediately The Folder We Need Becuse the All Look the Same.

Download Folder Painter 1.3 folder

After that, you can find its name or take a closer look at it it. This Problem Can BE Solved IF YOU CAN Add Different Colors to Folders in Windows Explorer. IF YOU CAN ASSIGN A Different Color to Different Folders, Its Will to Access Them Next Time. Finally, Recognizing a Folder in Color Isier than Displaying Its Name.

Folder Painter IS A Free Software that Allows You To Color You Windows Exporer Folder and Change Its The Default Yellow Color. Using this Application, You Can Assign Any Color to the Regularly Accessed Directories, Such as Financial Folder Can Have A Green Color and the Missions Folder Can Beha.

Features of Folder Painter

  • Change the Color of the Folder Icon from the Context Menu
  • The Program Provides Dozens of Colors to Change the Color of the Folder Icon, Mainly Green, Blue and Red.
  • Restoring the Default Interface with A Single Click
  • The Tools Also Support CMD
  • A Useful Utility for Managing and Organizing Folders.

Download Folder Painter 1.3 folder

System Requirements:

  • The Supported Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Empty Disk Volume: 100 Mb OR MORE.

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