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Download Dain-App 0-Free Application Allows You to Use Any Form of Media Such as Movies, Stop-Motion, Cartoon, ETC

How to use DainApp? / (Outdated)


App IS A Free Application that Allows You to Use Any Form of Media Such as Movies, Stop-Motion, Anime, Cartoons, Cartones, ETC. And Interpolate the New Frame, Create, Frame Rate, Larger from the Original File. This Application Is in the Alpha Stage and Under Development. UNFORTUNATELY, The Current Version Requires Cuda, So All Computers that Do Not Support Cuda Will To Run This Application (Older AMD and NVIDIA CARDS).

Dain -App – Create Animated Pixel Art

Download Dain-App 0.38 Alpha dain-app

Development History:

Alpha 0.37 Released

  • Tried to Solve the Problem "Divined by the Number of 0" Randomly Appeared a Number of Times.
  • A Smaller Number in the Code Creates The Video for Modes 3 and 4
  • Mode 1 and 2 Erased the First Frame, Fixed
  • Significant Improvement in the Choice of Frames for GIF Files
  • If the Option "Limits The Palette" IS Selected, It Will Create Two Files for the Output Video. FIRST CREATED VIA FFMPEG and the Other Via Pil, The Pil Version Will Work a Little Better for Pixel Art and Loop Animation Perfectly.
  • IF You Don’T Select "Perfect Loop", The Program Adds The Last Original Frame in the Interpiated_frames Folder

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