Download Bzzt! Image Editor Pro 1.3.0

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Download BZZT! Image Editor Pro – Image Editor Can Compress, Rotate, Resize and Batch Convert Images from A Drag and Drop Interface

BZZT! Image Editor Pro:

BZZT! Image Editor IS An Image Editor that Can Compress, Rotate, Resize and Batch Convert Images from the Drag and Dropse with Ease. Simply DRAG and Drop Images or Folders Into the User Interface and the Program Will Automatically Process According to Your Settings.

BZZT! Image Editor – Photo Editor

Download Bzzt! Image Editor Pro 1.3.0 image

Simple Interface that Allows You to Enlarge Raw Images and Get the Resident Image Back. ALSO, YOU CHANGE SOME OPTIONS In the Settings Section to Control The Cuality of the Output Image. In the edit space, the area 2 Basic Photo Editing Functions that Allow You to Change the Size and Rotate Before Saving Its. BZZT! Image Editor Will Be a Great Tool If You Are Looking for a Simple Solution to Compress and Reduce the Size of Images for Your WebSite. This Will Help Your Site Load Faster. You Will Also Save A Large Amount of Hard Disk Space for Other Files.

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You can make to replace the Original Files, Creating the Copy to be Renamed or File Was Processed in a New Folder. A Simple, Yet Useful Tool for Basic Image Manipulation.

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