Download beaTunes 5.2.30

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Download Beatunes 5 – Tools to Manage Your iTunes Library with itunes track data Cleanup Features, and DJ BPM Detection Tool

Download beaTunes 5.2.30 beatunes


Beatunes or also known as Industrie Tagtraum Beatunes This is an iTunes Library Management Tool with iTunes Track Data Cleaning Functions, A BPM Detection Tool for Djs… Beatunes Easily Finds Typos or Different Spellings of Artist Names by AutomatIlly Entering The Artist’s Name, Album and More. No more rem and rem in your iPod’s Artist List.

Beatunes – Itunes Library Manager

Features of Beatunes

  • Automatically Determines BPM (Beats Per Minute) and Stores The Result in iTunes
  • Searching for Tracking Metadata by Audio FingerPrinting
  • Checks and Corrects Your Music Library (Typos, Wrong Genre, Sorting, Wrong and Missing Files). K. An Exclamation Problem, iTunes, ETC.)
  • Create A List for Comparison, I.E. Playlists Based on One Or More Sample Songs
  • Sort The List of Tracks Discovered Havy for Songs Match Each Other
  • Browse Songs in Your Music Collection that Match The Currently Selected Track
  • Explore The Album Not in the Music Collection of You, But Complement Each Other
  • Always Updated Via Amazon ™ Album Chart
  • Automatically Detects The Pitch of the Song
  • Classifying Songs by the Color of the Sound of them
  • Automatically Set the Start and End Time of the Song Based on the Volume of the Song
  • Creating Blogger Blog Entries.With Playlists Or your Favorite Songs, You can
  • Add del.ICIO.there as tags to your songs
  • Detect The Language of Lyrics Alread Stored in iTunes
  • Define BPM and Store the Result in iTunes.

Download beaTunes 5.2.30 beatunes

I’m trying to download Beatrun (downloaded!!!)

Synthesis Software

Beatunes Offers Many File Control Options, and Playlist Creation Ispecially Useful IF YOU ARARELING WIGE LIBRARY AND ENDLESS NUMBERARO. In Addition, Friendly Interface, Users Caner Handle Even with Beginner While Providing Powerful Function.

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