Battery Meter Overlay 5.5.0 APK + MOD Pro Version

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Download Battery Meter Overlay 5 apk (Free) – A Type of App That Did

Battery put overlay obvious displays to battery put for android:

Battery Meter Overlay is a type of app that didsplays the current battery level on the device as an overlay on other apps. This Allaws You To View the Current Battery Level Without Having to Go to the Device's Home Screen OR Notification Shadow. Some Applications That Offer An Overlay Display Function For the Battery Counter ALLEW YOU TO CUSTOMIZE IT APPEARANCE, RUN AS SIZE, POSITION, AND COLOR. You can Find Battery Meter Overlay Apps in The Google Play Store. Some Popular Examples are Battery Overlay and Battery Indicator.

Features of battery meter overlay

  • Customizable appearance: Some apps Allew You to Customize The Appearance of the Overlay Battery Counter, Run As Size, Position and Color.
  • Low Battery Alerts: Some Apps May Send a Not.
  • Automatic Startup: Some apps can be configured to start automatically when the device is turned on, so the battery meter is always available.
  • Multiple Battery Metter Styles: Some Apps Offer Different Stories For Battery Meter Overlay, Run As a Horizontal Bar or A Circular Indicator.
  • Support for Multiple Devices: Some Apps Can Display There.
  • System-Level Integration: Some Apps Can Integrated With the Device's System-Lavel.

Battery Meter Overlay 5.5.0 APK + MOD Pro Version Battery

Battery Charge on Top of All Windows

Features of Battery Meter Overlay Pro APK MOD

  • Free
  • Automatically hide in full screen
  • Ability to Manually Adjust Meter Position (Respecting Screen Orientation)
  • Edibility to Change Metter Colors (Levels/Load/Text/Background)
  • Ability to adjust the size of the country (X0.5 ~ x2.0)

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